Over Cladding or Total Replacement?

What is the difference between over cladding or total replacement?

Over cladding the existing wooden roofline is a cheaper option to having new fascias, soffits, cladding and guttering fully replaced. It is suitable for protection in situations where the orignal timbers are sound, and will greatly enhance the look of a property.

However, if the eaves felt has rotted away water will still be able to soak into the back of the over cladded fascia. In these cases it is important to remember covering things up does not solve the problem.

In roofs where original timbers are rotten over cladding should not be used. In these situations total replacement is by far the most cost effective solution. New timbers should be fitted along with new UPVC fascias, soffits and guttering.

Whether you opt for total replacement or overcladding depends on the amount of damage the roof has and your overall budget. Overcladding provides a low-cost alternative whilst roofs that are heavily rotted or at the end of their lifespan may benefit more from total replacement. Overcladding is a faster alternative meaning less disruption, but either process will give your roof a whole new lease of life.

UPVC Fascias, Soffits and Guttering


Why choose UPVC Fascia Boards?

No painting or maintenance and will not flake, rust or crack
Installation guaranteed for 10-years and expected to last 50+ years. Manufacturer colouration guarantees of up to 50-years
Comes in many colours including white, black, grey, mahogany and oak


The benefits of new UPVC Soffits

Soffits are non-loadbearing structures that form a small ceiling between the exterior property wall and the inner edge of the fascia. Our UPVC Soffits weatherproof the underside of the rafters and protect birds, vermin and insects from the loft space. Available in many colours and require no maintenace.


New PVCu gutters and down spouts

Installation of new gutters & downpipes includes removal of all old materials before fixing your new products.All finishes are guaranteed not to discolour, crack or flake.We offer a choice of styles includes round or square shaped guttering and downpipes, available in bright white, black, brown or wood effect.


Self supporting or timber backed bargeboards

Bargeboards mask and protect the gable-end. They are non-load bearing and do not need ventilation.  Available in colours including white, black, grey, oak and mahogany.. They are no maintenance and have a 10 year guarantee. We can also supply and fit a wide range of decorative barge-boards.


Good looking and durable UPVC

Cladding is when one material (UPVC) is applied over another e.g wood, brick or block. This can be for visual improvement, for weather proofing, or both. With a 10 year guarantee there is no painting or maintenance is required. Cladding is available in many colours including white, black, grey, oak and mahogany.